Shacked Up – Arpad Miklos & Dean Flynn (TitanMen) muscle, hairy

Arpad Miklos , Dean Flynn

Meanwhile, at a candle lit bedroom, TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn finds himself in the arms of tall, dark and fine Arpad Miklos. As both have magnificent bodies along with insatiable sexual appetites, the similarities end there: Dean could be your younger, more fairer-peeled new -faced trimming”boy next door” who’s going to get ruled by the elderly, swarthier uncut Arpad at the timeless pairing of dad versus boy. Arpad’s massive uncut penis deserves to be worshiped, also Dean gives it the honor it warrants, yanking the foreskin closely together with his lips directly between hammering laps into the hairy base. He is giving Arpad head so severe that at virtually no moment Dean’s eyes are bloodshot and teary, his face dripping with spit and sweat. Never to be out done, Arpad gives Dean’s long penis equally attentive ceremony with the trunk of his neck. Dean puts on his own trunk once again to receive Arpad’s very first loading; Arpad stands and sprays that a bathtub of man juice upon him up above. Dean coatings himself using their or her own load and involving both studs’ giant heaps, Dean’s rippling buttocks and furry torso are gleaming using a voluminous quantity of cum. Without missing a beat, Dean presumes the position on all fours in sequence to introduces his tight bum Arpad, that bends Dean’s prick from behind since he moves to his bum along with his probing tongue. ) TitanMen exclusive Victor Banda’s intense eyes see from out through the window Arpad lubes Dean’s starving buttocks upward and readies him to be impaled on his penis. Dean writhes in pain and pleasure as Arpad moves him behind. You start with slowlong insertions, Arpad builds speed and power together with each pump to Dean’s compacted ass. Being fucked therefore profoundly, Dean is wrapped up into a chunk of emotion, moaning and biting back on their arm to measure the strength. Together Dean on his legs and back at the atmosphere, we visit Arpad’s really huge and hairy muscle buttocks contract together with each insertion. A streak of jaw-falling close-upshots shows Arpad’s remarkable muscle controller as pulls his penis entirely outside from Dean, exposing his uncut pink hole simply to spoil his bone all of the way straight back . It only requires some of the super-thrusts only at that time to produce Dean take his load). Arpad immediately follows suit.

screenshotShacked Up - Arpad Miklos & Dean Flynn


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