Ricky Larkin & Dax Carter – Muscled UP (PrideStudios) muscle, hairy

Ricky Larkin , Dax Carter

 Ricky & Dax come in the lockerroom after a terrific work out. They truly are admiring one another’s work in the gymnasium and comparing profits. This contributes to a human body fondling and both are still kissing. Dax drops to his knees and starts sucking on Ricky’s massive thick prick. Ricky then sucks Dax for a little while before bending him rimming his huge ass. Ricky Larkin loves tongue fucking Dax’s massive beefy buttocks because he receives everything wet and ready for his prick. Ricky subsequently fucks Dax deep and long with his enormous cock that was hard. To begin with they fuck on the seat and down to a floor at which he compels it deep indoors Dax Carter. He pulls and shoot their loads. Enjoy!

screenshotRicky Larkin & Dax Carter - Muscled UP


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