Range Of Motion – Vic Rocco, Jay Donahue (MenOver30) Clips

Vic Rocco, Jay Donahue

Vic Rocco has come into the physician’s office to get out of his leg splint because he wishes to get straight back in the gym and start training. Jay Donahue comes in to the exam room and carries away the splint and starts to assess Vic’s Range of Motion by helping him to bend his leg. ) Since he does this he pushes facing Vic’s crotch to that Vic reacts positively. Jay starts groping Vic’s penis through his shorts and pulls it out and starts sucking on it. Vic additionally pulls out Jay’s penis and sucks on him well. They take turns sucking one another after which Vic rims Jay’s hairy buttocks. He also fucks Jay on his rear to the exam table initially and pushes his massive cock deep inside Jay’s excited ass. Vic then climbs upon the dining table and fucks Jay from behind doggystyle. His knee starts bothering him just a little so he lies on his spine and also Jay slides his prick for the remaining of time. Vic strokes Jay’s penis as he sucks his or her so on Jay shoots his load over Vic. Vic subsequently stands up and again Jay strokes his penis until Vic shoots his load. ) Enjoy!

screenshotRange Of Motion - Vic Rocco, Jay Donahue


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