Landon & Angelo (SeanCody) Clips

Landon , Angelo

Muscular Landon and tall, slim Angelo are meeting for the very first time, plus so they’re both pretty enthused. “I expect to match Landon for its very first time. You are certainly among my guys that are perfect! You have every one of these sexy esthetics; torso shoulders, muscles, and also this also jock look. You’re simply assembled around,” says Angelo. Goodlooking Landon can not help but to glow. “Could I visit your dick?” Inquires brown haired Angelo. “Yeah, that is what we’re awaiting. Do It!” exclaims Landon. “That item will be tremendous!” says Angelo. “it is a grower,” giggles Landon. “It is definitely going to fuck up me without a doubt, in a fantastic way! I will enjoy it” says Angelo confidently.

screenshotLandon & Angelo


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