Jon Kael & Niko Vangelis (BelAmi) Clips

Jon Kael , Niko Vangelis

Though Bel Ami normally introduces fresh guys on Freshmen, Niko Vangelis is 1 version they made a decision to create directly to Bel Ami. Muscular and athletic, Niko Vangelis has already been a extremely popular addition for the belamichat team therefore we have been very happy to now be in a position to bring him here for you as well. Within this very first scene we’ve chosen to set him Jon Kael. Jon and Niko Vangelis can be buddies in real life and even after having met from the conversation studio. For that reason, we could get a incredibly relaxed and comfortable playfulness involving both boys two. Niko Vangelis’s introduction can be as a foundation. However he can be definitely an equally great shirt and also we can get to see a lot more of him at the foreseeable future.

screenshotJon Kael & Niko Vangelis


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