Getting drilled by Hawaiian Beefcake Kevin (BeefcakeHunter) daddy


Because this cutie’s accessibility was for a brief time period, I needed to get the most out with the Getting drilled by Hawaiian Beefcake Kevin session, and you’ll notice exactly what I am talking. Again, I’m astonished by Kevin’s character, so he couldn’t become nice, laid back, humble and eager to offer his very best on the Hunters. He knows that his period at the BCH stadium is short, therefore he seems to wish to really make the most useful of it also. I actually don’t remember watching every Beefcake therefore delighted to strip like this sexy dude. He had been all smiles and was breathing deep. After couple moments of playing himself, he had been sooooo ready for its activity, and obviously I had been sooooo able to care for this yummy meat he has between his thighs hmm. For those people which like pov (I understand not every one of you can do ), there’s a really intense POV suck filled with Kevin’s temptations of enjoyment, he desired that penis to be eaten great! Subsequently more suckingballs licking, feet deep, facefucking, forehead and nipples kissing was at the menu, until Getting drilled by Hawaiian Beefcake Kevin. Just what a feast only at BeefCakeHunter Headquarters?? To initiate the fuck section, I rode his cock for a couple minutes, I had been close to stealing a kiss ! Afterward, when in my own fours, this thick hard penis felt really good, this may be the longest doggystyle fucking session thus far this past year. However, the fun does not end there, in any time I put in my side to have more pounding, and I loved that area, as I managed to see Beefcake Kevin’s amazing head and touch his torso, wow! Afterward, without a lot of pause I adapt myself, therefore they could last fuck-me in hindsight, ” I couldn’t get closer than to kiss him (I had been dying to get it done, however patience may be the name of this match…lol). Then Kevin was exhausted but still sexy, and that I took the chance of a while tenderness, last but not least I’d some massaging before putting my head between his thighs , to help him wind off with a wonderful creamy heap, Kevin’s operation was good! I expect they is able to escape soon and see us to get more pleasure! I trust you guys like this Getting drilled by Hawaiian Beefcake Kevin men! ).

screenshotGetting drilled by Hawaiian Beefcake Kevin


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