Ezra (CorbinFisher) muscle, bigdick, solo

That’s almost all I can say about Ezra. His wide smile and dark, puppy-dog eyes hide an enthusiastic appetite for sex and a kinky side you wouldn’t believe in someone that looks so wholesome! At first, Ezra was nervous. He laughed when he said, “I feel out of my element. I’m usually the one with the most sexual experience, but here … damn!” Despite his nervousness, he quickly opened up about his sex life. And what a sex life! Ezra fucks a girl almost every day. He laughed and said he honestly didn’t know how he hooked up so much. “I have girls in my phone book, and if they’re not mad at me, I’ll text them and ask them what they’re doing and they’ll come by.” I believe him. After seeing this guy in action, who wouldn’t drop everything and come by?

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