DirtyScout – 158 (DirtyScout) Clips

We had a remarkably cold afternoon in Prague therefore that I expected to heat up myself with a wonderful boy. Plus it had been my lucky day as this person was something special. He came very well dressed, which will not happen frequently. And he was likewise well-mannered and talked. To put it simply, he had been a genuine gentle man. A good looking gentle man. As soon as I offered him employment, he was nearly amazed how much men and women are able to create in Prague. And we were only starting… The boy was so poor and had high ethical criteria therefore that it had been incredibly hard to talk about him in to doing whatever dirty. But do not worry, I was able to convince him. This had been a fairly high priced thing however his mouth and tight ass hole were worth . His face contorted with pain was only priceless. Well, making enormous money isn’t simple.

screenshotDirtyScout - 158


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