DebtDandy – 262 (DebtDandy) Clips

Still another boy calmed with his own ungrateful girl friend. He was able to reside together with his love in her parents but matters did not workout. The parents turned them against eachother. She began to cheat him eventually kicked out him. Fortunately, he had a buddy in Prague who allowed him stay at his vacant flat. Our man enjoyed the chance to initiate a brand new life inside the funding. Too bad that the flat did not stay vacant for too much time. You will find fresh tenants moving within a day later and also our boy had to leave. He asked me 20 000 to rent a brand new location, otherwise he’d be about the road. He had been far too cute for a hobo. I had to help him. I hope he’d love any masculine amusement later being cheated by his own scummy girl friend.

screenshotDebtDandy - 262


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