CzechHunter – 380 (CzechHunter) Clips

Now I chose to search for guys in the weakest square in Prague. The area is usually filled with tourists however I was able to get 2 Czech boys that were very cute. One was overly busy however, another person was able to talk. David was Prague therefore he was open-enthusiastic and covetous. A standard Prague resident. We spoke just a little and that I was able to convince him to carry to his place. The square was much too busy for whatever else naughty. His apartment was pretty great and provided us with privacy. After we spoke about my thoughts, ” he maintained grinning nervously… It had been incredibly cute. This boy was still greedy but absolutely innocent. I needed to be quite careful to not spook him off. It required a whole lot of control in my role because he had this kind of massive uncut penis…

screenshotCzechHunter - 380


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