Archie & Brayden (SeanCody) Clips

Archie , Brayden

 Buff hunk Brayden and muscle, boyish Archie have one while to respect one another’s hard-bodies prior to moving away to playwith. “I absolutely enjoy muscle, and you’ve got a lot of muscle . Hair is far hot too!” Says Brayden, since he believes Archie’s torso and gut. “Damn, you have got those ideas too! I’d say we’ve some great qualities we talk about together,” answers brownhaired Archie. “Sexually, I love to be dominated,” says Brayden. “you prefer to be dominated? That is surprising for some man as muscular as you might be, however, that is what I enjoy doing,” reacts Archie. “Wonderful!” exclaims Brayden. “I figure we’ll be compatible, however there is just 1 way to learn for certain,” says Archie. “What is that?” says Brayden coyly. “Ohh, by fucking!” retorts Archie. They lean to get several more kisses before going off to see exactly how compatible they are.

screenshotArchie & Brayden


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